[HOTTEST CONTROVERSY] Pawee Ventura, a Filipino co-founder of famous pageant website involved in manipulating pageant results?

3 years ago

Missosology is the most famous pageant website today who was co-founded by Pawee Venture. Pawee Ventura is also the founder of Gouldian, a group that trains beauty queens before competing in a much bigger pageant.

Many pageant fanatics think that whenever Pawee is involve in the judging panel of an international pageant it is expected that the candidates that was trained in their camp emerged victorious. But his/her involvement is not yet confirmed until a witness comes forward to pin down Pawee Ventura on the influence their group (Missosology/Gouldian) made to Miss Asia Pacific World Executive Lawrence Choi for the 2014 Win of Miss Myanmar, May Myat Noe!

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This puts credence also to the issues against the Results of Miss Intercontinental 2014 and Miss Supranational 2014!

According to the witness, supposed to be the sure winner of Miss Asia Pacific 2014 is Miss Philippines but because of Pawee’s influence Miss Myanmar won the crown who was trained by Gouldian. Although the witness did not confirmed the involvement of Pawee Ventura in the results of the other two pageants (Miss Intercontinental, Winner Miss Thailand also trained under Gouldian where Pawee Ventura is also in the judging panel and Miss Supranational) many are now having doubts about the result of the said pageants.

Below is the screenshot of the witness’ confession:

Missosology controversy1
Missosology controversy2
Missosology controversy3

Image source: The Philippine Pageantry

We are still waiting for the development and clarifications about this issue.