Miss Asia Pacific World Cheating: OTHER VICTIMS SPEAK UP

3 years ago

The camp of last year’s MAPW representative Czarina Rosales through her mother, also decided to break their silence, and called for exposing the scam being perpetrated by Mr. Quiballo’s former training group. Czarina and her family are in full support of Gian Quiballo. They want the wrongdoers exposed for their filth.

Czarina Rosales through her mother
As of presstime, the different pageant organizations in the Philippines like BPCI, MWP and Carousel Productions are now also fully aware of the issue.

Soon, the entire world will know that certain Filipinos, unfortunately, are rotten to the core. But soon, the world will also know the unity of the pageant fans in their desire to get rid of all these filthy people that tarnished our good name.


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