[REPOST] Padilla siblings clash over Manny Pacquiao issue

2 years ago

In the midst of the controversy surrounding Manny Pacquiao’s anti-gay statement, siblings Robin and Rustom Padilla – the latter now goes by the name of BB Gandanghari, seem to have different views about the whole brouhaha.

According to ABS-CBN News, the younger Padilla, Robin, recently expressed his thoughts about Pacquiao’s recent blunder, that he will continue to trust the boxer-politician in spite of his words.

However, the “Bonifacio” star also shared his advice on Instagram, saying, “Public service is not selective. Protect those who are few, poor and weak. Religion has nothing to do with it and around it.”

“I still believe in your heart. Listen to it and trust it always. It will never mislead a hero,” he added. Meanwhile, Gandanghari, a transgender herself, was vocal in boycotting Pacquiao in the May elections, saying, “Sorry to say, Manny, a bigot with a gender discrimination agenda doesn’t belong to a law making body.”

“If you do not agree with the same-sex marriage, okay, it’s clear to us. But to say that it’s worse than animals? That’s a different matter,” she added.

Original article of The Hive Asia