[SHOCKING] Alisah Bonaobra got eliminated from X Factor UK but refuses to go home!

5 months ago


Shocking, Alisah Bonaobra got eliminated form X Factor UK but refuses to go home

When Alisah Bonaobra performed in a group at Bootcamp, she was told it was a no and that she hadn’t made it through to the next stage of the competition.

Whereas all of the other hopefuls looked a bit sad and left the stage, Alisah wasn’t taking no for an answer.

Falling to the floor and bursting into tears, she begged Simon and the other judges to give her another chance. The 22-year-old drew so much sympathy from Nicole Scherzinger that the judge left her seat, went to comfort her on stage and asked what she wanted to do.

And then, just like a scene from a film, Alisah spontaneously burst into a few bars of We Belong Together from Mariah Carey. You can see in the video that the judges smiled after hearing it.

It actually worked and Alisah then got a yes and went through.

By the end of the episode, there was truly a proud moment on Simon’s face when Alisah returned and gave a gravity-defying performance of Defying Gravity from Wicked and rendered the judges speechless. Very deservedly, Alisah then went through to the Six Chair Challenge.